Backyard Feeder

Backyard Feeder
photo taken through porch screen

Monday, May 30, 2011


Last year I almost lost my home when my husband went through a manic episode and mortgage payments disappeared into nowhere. This year my husband is only mildly manic and I'm liking this a lot more. The mortgage is paid to date and he set up my pond for Mother's Day.

That sounds so simple, but setting up the pond is a labor-intensive project. The "pond" is a black molded plastic preformed pond that our oldest son bought me for Mother's Day when we lived in another house. We brought it with us when we moved and it's been about 8 years. The area where we wanted to install it is in a small grove (my oasis) of trees, but digging through the roots makes installing there difficult.

I came home from work the Friday before Mother's Day and found that he had dug the hole, installed the pond, set up a pump to the waterfall, turned up the soil around the pond and filled with topsoil, filled the pond with gravel and water, set up lights around the area and bought wildflower seed. A bench that we had bought for the purpose was set up facing the pond. It was beautiful.

We added a string of can patio lights overhead, put out hummingbird feeders and planted some pond plants in the water. While cleaning up around the area, Troy (my husband) discovered that there is a sort of stone/concrete area that probably went all the way around the trees at one time. He cleared it off and it is a nice solid base for the bench.

If anyone is still wondering why I didn't cut and run when there was violence early in the marriage or when bipolar disorder was diagnosed, I think you're missing the point. Yes, I have a lot of stress in my life and I really need this quiet oasis in the yard, but I do have a husband who, even with his limitations, really loves me and will do anything in his power to make my life a little better.

Spring mania is a scary thing and watching all of this construction can feel a bit tense, but sometimes that pent up energy can be released in ways that make the world, at least my part of the world, a whole lot nicer to live in.

If you visit me you will see my sanctuary and you may even get "buzzed" by a hummingbird or two. That's peace.