Backyard Feeder

Backyard Feeder
photo taken through porch screen

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Calling

I feel like it's time that I come out of hiding and admit that I am following a calling, and while I only rarely make any real money at this job, it is incredibly important to me and I can't just walk away. I have tried--oh, yes, I have tried. Like Jonah escaping his call to Nineveh, I've tried. And I've spent a bit of "time-out" in the belly of some pretty scary whales. Yes, whales. I don't give up easily and I've had to be corralled more than once.

I've been called to teach unconditional love to the masses. Not just to Christians, but to everybody that I can. God says that what the world needs now is love, and he's not talking about romance or words or manipulation. So here I am, trying to write and speak and teach--mostly one-on-one or in groups where I am just a member, not a leader or designated speaker--ordinary people how to love in extraordinary ways.