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Backyard Feeder
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Friday, March 04, 2011

Creativity and Spontaneous Fun

I'm trying to do some self-help creativity therapy because I am launching the getolife Bipolar Spouse Project this summer and I need to be at my best. This post will probably be in the "history" because I intend to keep this blog and link it to the website. Anyway, I'm trying to get all of the best ideas out and get to my most creative self. I'm doing what I always do--reading about it.

Two of the books that I am reading (both primarily entrepreneurial business books) suggest that I need to do something fun and spontaneous. Hey, I work ten hour shifts and have NO money to spend which eliminates most of the written suggestions. I can think of some "spontaneous" ideas, but by the time I have time off work to actually DO any of them I will have them so perfectly planned in my head that they will be anything but spontaneous.

I mention the problem to my husband and he has an idea--the same idea he gets like a million times a day. Very spontaneous. Maybe if I ever had the chance to think of it.

Actually my husband is good at spontaneity. He heard about pelicans on the Mississippi and while we were out making the car payment, he suggested taking a side trip to see them. The pelicans were near Quinsippi Island across from the park. A big white flock. We also saw some ducks--ducking. and lots of seagulls. We even saw a few loose cranes and a couple geese. Pelicans fly close to the water, dipping and gliding. Neat.

So what can I do to be spontaneous? I guess planning something defeats the purpose, huh? I'll write about it after I do something.

I'm also doing The Artist's Way. I'm reading the book and writing pages and trying to plan artist's dates--I even have trouble with planned fun. What's so hard about fun? If I figure that out I'll probably have this whole creativity thing figured out too.